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summer/that summer/red eyed sky/drawling echo of planes stalling/buzzards falling/tearing overhead/zig zag con trail blue/bruised brain/fried mind/disordered totality mathematically/and only annie/uniquely/knew/lovers convened in her kitchen/shared all the things they said annie had said/stated/even/all the things she had left unsaid/but apparently/had spoken them all//the lovers left/meeting over/headed for the park/grandstand empty/graffiti’d/lake dark/cars crawled/heat hummed/dried trees beyond recognition/disturbing/distorting cognition/no games to play/no musical sounds/the lovers/disappointed/went drinking instead/brandy/tequila/martini/any cocktail/beer /cider /lager would do//red velvet bar/worn broken tables/glasses of cracked claret/smashed /drained to the floor/ wine poured/choked/flowed to the heat stained pavement/dried/baked in neon orange dusk/constellations of sparks/erupted/flew/raised craters on skin/flesh/embers of evening/cinders of leaving/though the lovers already knew/tipped their glasses/swallowed more wine/drank to themselves and annie to thine// back at the house/drinking over/dream scene games commenced/a further secret meeting/a hushed consensus of one/annies decisions vetoed/no ballot of one/voted to crawl as far as the door/cross loosed splintered floorboards/skeletal bone/uncloseted/unsolicited/sought the next sensual sanity/the next reeling hit/obliteration of mind/of talking/a second or two/just for a bit/sought a kind numbing/any kind of numbing/blood roar/heart beat/mind melt/anything/anything at all/lightening strikes/electrical stabbings/anything/anything at all/the power to cease/rectify/peace//summer/that summer/red eyed sky/drawling echo of planes stalling/buzzards falling/tearing overhead/zig zag con trail blue/made/finally made/annie/mad


from Yashmak Webs (streaming & digital download), released February 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Yashmak Webs England, UK

'Yashmak Webs' are a blend of words spoken and sung, enhanced and punctuated by music.
Their eponymous 1st EP narrates the tale of Annie ; a natural, mythical figure of the earth, of addiction ; madness, of love.
Challenging, enticing , 'Yashmak Webs' offer the chance to forgo reality and enter a world where nothing is certain, yet all is clear, a reality of your mind.....
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