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by Yashmak Webs

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"The four tracks are a perfect example of how to successfully combine the spoken word with atmospheric and powerful backing music.
Each song varies slightly in style, with the Tom Waits-meets-garage-rock-sounding Conjuring Annie, the mellow Aglow, and the mystical Summer Annie. Insight into the mental state of the concept EP’s subject comes to fruition in the third song, and personal favourite, Headnoise. The track draws comparison to early Black Sabbath, with Ozzy’s melodies being replaced by the gruff voice of Yashmak Webs’ frontman, Dean Geary.
If you find yourself sat inside on a rainy afternoon, grab yourself a brew or glass of red, stick this record on, and let yourself get lost in the gritty poetry and flowing sounds."
Liam Steers LeftLion magazine Nottingham 2016


released February 17, 2016

Recorded live at swanyard studios 17/05/2015
Recorded/mixed/mastered by James Bennet
Robert Cook/guitar/additional guitar aglow
Jim Mather/drums/additional bass all tracks
Dean Geary/words/vocals
Robert Cook/music
Cover art/Victoria Alexeeva



all rights reserved


Yashmak Webs England, UK

'Yashmak Webs' are a blend of words spoken and sung, enhanced and punctuated by music.
Their eponymous 1st EP narrates the tale of Annie ; a natural, mythical figure of the earth, of addiction ; madness, of love.
Challenging, enticing , 'Yashmak Webs' offer the chance to forgo reality and enter a world where nothing is certain, yet all is clear, a reality of your mind.....
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Track Name: Conjuring Annie
slow mo motionless sea/mauve movie tranquility/surface breaks ceaselessly/sea melting mistily//tangerine blues/munches moonlight/opaque crystals cutting light/obscuring sights/welcoming night//verticals spin/laterals fall/cosmos collides/satellites call/call annies name/echoes repeats/beats/beats/ beats
Track Name: Aglow
you’re a flashed glint of bright/the moment you alight/etched as stars falling/through skies wheeling turning/aglow/aglow/in wastes that we wandered/those beer garden blues/in the bad lands of buts and what ifs/that measures the end/the end/of all of our breaths/thats where you were/thats where you were/aglow//in the not so wild hours of a sunday slowly closing it was then that you said/you said/has anyone here/anyone here//then fastish right hands flashed for the flames at the ends of their fists/fingers stumbled/and fumbled/and shook with those/shook with those/bar room shakes/to offer a flame to you/that you’d light at its touch//their clint like eyes they all narrowed/as they stared at your mouths moistened lips/while they drinkily peered at your fingers/stroking your marlboro filtered tips/they watched you draw in/your deep languorous breaths/puffing out smoked smokey scenes/that they never even knew/that they ever even knew/them lostest boys in all of the town/staring back at you/just wanting and wishing/that they could be/they could be/they could be smoke too/to be drawn in by you/to be drawn in by you/to be drawn into you/to be drawn into you/annie
Track Name: Headnoise
visions in annies head/metallic screaming roar/vultures cackling/crackling/cracked voiced calls/an operatic/static/drawl//crows fall in obsidian skies/stilled in spiral flight/crash land through frozen light/frees annies head/leads to a loosening of dread/a certain realisation/a sensate/hesitation/that we only live/we only live//yashmak webs veil memory/stretched/sketched on skin/warp and weft of light that gives no hint/woven scrambled/entirely out of synch//leaves confusion/wondrous delusion/that annie lives/annie only lives//visions in her head/rattled cells/beds barred/creaking doors/corridors cold/of keys niggling/chinking/seeking locks to kiss/stasis/annie sees shredded clouds over rivers rippling trippling tops/glitzing/gliding/gleaming/crumbling in suns stars glow/trembling on reflection/as vision slips low/annie lives/only lives//words flee breaths ether/formed/spoke as smoke/shaped/launched to fly/to smash/crash the world/falling deeper dark than nights trialled to conjure acts of hurt/but she only lives/she only lives//visions in your heads/of things left said/unsaid/in beds/bars/cars/voices that laugh/sigh/cry/but there they are/there they are/and they only live/they only live/they only live in the voices/in the voices of your heads
Track Name: Summer Annie
summer/that summer/red eyed sky/drawling echo of planes stalling/buzzards falling/tearing overhead/zig zag con trail blue/bruised brain/fried mind/disordered totality mathematically/and only annie/uniquely/knew/lovers convened in her kitchen/shared all the things they said annie had said/stated/even/all the things she had left unsaid/but apparently/had spoken them all//the lovers left/meeting over/headed for the park/grandstand empty/graffiti’d/lake dark/cars crawled/heat hummed/dried trees beyond recognition/disturbing/distorting cognition/no games to play/no musical sounds/the lovers/disappointed/went drinking instead/brandy/tequila/martini/any cocktail/beer /cider /lager would do//red velvet bar/worn broken tables/glasses of cracked claret/smashed /drained to the floor/ wine poured/choked/flowed to the heat stained pavement/dried/baked in neon orange dusk/constellations of sparks/erupted/flew/raised craters on skin/flesh/embers of evening/cinders of leaving/though the lovers already knew/tipped their glasses/swallowed more wine/drank to themselves and annie to thine// back at the house/drinking over/dream scene games commenced/a further secret meeting/a hushed consensus of one/annies decisions vetoed/no ballot of one/voted to crawl as far as the door/cross loosed splintered floorboards/skeletal bone/uncloseted/unsolicited/sought the next sensual sanity/the next reeling hit/obliteration of mind/of talking/a second or two/just for a bit/sought a kind numbing/any kind of numbing/blood roar/heart beat/mind melt/anything/anything at all/lightening strikes/electrical stabbings/anything/anything at all/the power to cease/rectify/peace//summer/that summer/red eyed sky/drawling echo of planes stalling/buzzards falling/tearing overhead/zig zag con trail blue/made/finally made/annie/mad